Training Center

Empowering Verkada users with free online courses and training material.

  • Fundamentals for Site Users

    Learn the basics of Command, Verkada’s cloud-based management platform.

    Jump right into the basics with lessons and a progressive set of tips designed to help you make the most of Command. By completing fundamentals, you’ll be ready to use Verkada’s software to easily find, save and share footage.

    Site User Guide
  • Advanced for Site Admins

    Go further with advanced training on how to set up organizations and user permissions.

    Move into fundamentals with advanced lessons and cutting-edge strategies to set up cameras across one or multiple sites. By completing Fundamentals and Advanced, you’ll be ready to manage all sites, users and devices with ease.

    Site User Guide

Feature Updates

With automatic system updates, gain powerful new capabilities that provide you with the latest in security technology.

  • Product Update

    Command 2.0: Using the Verkada App to Improve Remote Monitoring

  • Feature Tutorial

    Access Control: Keeping Buildings and Everyone Inside and Out Safe

  • New Product

    Gain Data-Driven Insights with The SV11: Environmental Sensor

Additional Resources

Learn, implement and become with successful Verkada.

  • Knowledge Base

    Advice and answers from the Verkada Team

  • Documents

    Install guides, product specs, and compliance overviews

  • Referral Program

    Introduce a peer to Verkada and get a $100 gift card per referral.